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The GCCA advocates for sound policy that fosters quality, affordable and accessible child care for working parents. We advocate for effective industry regulation that does not burden business with costly, inefficient mandates and that does foster safe environments for children to learn, play and grow.

One of greatest challenges as an advocacy organization is educating policymakers on the importance of investing in early learning and education. The return on investment is exponential.

GCCA is steadfast in its efforts to restore public investment Georgia Pre K and to increase federal and state subsidies for low income families so that they are on par with market rates. We seek to control costs on business, advocating for less burdensome and more efficient regulation. Public sector commitment in these areas will go a long way toward shoring up Georgia’s early learning centers and increasing opportunities for families seeking access to affordable, quality care.

The child care industry has been hit hard by the recession and the nation’s slow recovery. Skyrocketing unemployment affected child enrollment and forced many centers, mostly small businesses to close their doors. In fact, Quality Care for Children has reported that more than 1000 centers have closed their doors since 2009.

Read their report released in June 2012 on the Economic Impact of the Recession on Child Care »

GCCA has made many significant accomplishments over the past several years through our advocacy and legislative acts on behalf of the industry adhering to the core principals of affordability, quality and accessibility and the overarching belief in standing up against unfunded mandates.

These legislative successes have saved the industry millions of dollars, reduced burdensome regulations, changed laws and helped centers stay afloat. 

The GCCA has been working closely with DECAL during the past legislative session to draft HB350 which calls for fingerprint checks for early education employees. 

HB350 together with thoughtful proposed regulations, will improve child safety and provide licensed child care programs the necessary hiring ability that is needed. 

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