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Tommie Terrell

Tommie Terrell

Owner H.E.R.O.'S Instillment Academy LLC

Professional Bio

Tommie Terrell Jr. is the co-founder of H.E.R.O.’S Instillment Academy, LLC, an after school program that aids children from ages 4-12. With his program goal in mind to excite the children with work readiness, entrepreneurship, financial literacy skills, and use of experiential learning to inspire each student to dream big and reach their potential. Before devoting his life to H.E.R.O.’s Instillment Academy, Tommie worked as a Community Supervision Officer with the Georgia Department of Community Supervision. With a commitment to be a servant to the community, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Albany State University. Tommie has committed himself to the youth in Dougherty County in Albany. Some accomplishments under his direction are achieving a Quality Rated “2” star rating Childcare Learning Center and the 1st stand alone after school program in Albany. At H.E.R.O’s Instillment Academy, Mr. Terrell actively engages his youth in the community through volunteerism and field trips. Mr. Terrell also has an active mentoring program to inspire young males ages 13 and up. H.E.R.O.’S Instillment Academy represents many things, Helping Everyone Reach Opportunities one at a time, parents, students, and the community.


H.E.R.O.'S Instillment Academy LLC H.E.R.O.'S Instillment Academy LLC
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