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US Department of Labor has dropped proposed regulations to increase the base salary rate for administrative employees in order to be exempt from overtime pay.

July, 2015: US DOL is proposing a large base rate increase to salaries of exempt employees which would include directors, assistant directors and other admin. employees at child care centers to $50,440 annually.  Employers have until 9/4/15 to send in public comments to the US DOL for their consideration.  This regulation change does not need a vote to pass.  The DOL will consider comments and potentially change their recommendations before passing the new salary requirements.

GCCA has convened a group of southern child care associations to work together with Fisher and Phillips LLP to write very pointed comments to the undue financial burdens this change would have on our industry.  Wages for early education administrators in the south is significantly lower than other industries and especially those in northern states.  Bureaucrats in Washington DC are not considering the wage discrepancies of a rural Georgia child care center to a New York business administrator at a large fortune 100 company!

Our comments are incredibly necessary to tell our story.   Large payroll increases or moving directors to hourly salary and paying overtime, will have a negative economic impact on our business.  Additionally, the impact of this regulation will be felt by parents as fees would need to increase accordingly.

We will keep you posted as we have more information.  

                                                           Article About Changes with President Obama

GCCA’s Primary Legislative Initiative for 2015:  Clean Up Legislation to the Fingerprint Law Enacted in 2014:

HB 401 (the fingerprint clean-up bill) sponsored by Representative Chuck Efstration (R-Dacula) passed the legislature on the last day.  The clean up legislation addresses several unanticipated circumstances that have been discovered since the law became effective on January 1, 2014.  It eliminates the notary requirement, which expedites the process (a large percentage of applications are rejected for failure to get notary signatory).  It protects children from dangerous allowing for imprisonment of up to 12 months and a $10,000 fine for those running unlicensed centers.  It also adds some currently exempt programs by requiring that anyone providing care through CAPS be fingerprinted.  It protects children by authorizing “support centers” to submit records checks to DECAL so that, among others, child care staffing agencies may obtain a satisfactory fingerprint check before sending them to child care centers to work.  It allows student teachers to submit evidence of a satisfactory check obtained in the last 2 years, giving student teachers an expanded 2 year portability window and allows them to obtain background checks while in school. Parents and legal guardians who don’t have unsupervised access of children will no longer be considered employees (no need for background checks). 

 The bill protects the secrecy of a pending sale for both buyers and sellers by allowing the buyer to submit satisfactory fingerprint records check within the last 5 years, which drastically reduces the costs for a buyer.  And, the bill requires any contractor performing duties on behalf of DECAL having any reason to be in a licensed center to obtain background checks.  

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GCCA has made many significant accomplishments over the past several years through our advocacy and legislative acts on behalf of the industry adhering to the core principals of affordability, quality and accessibility and the overarching belief in standing up against unfunded mandates.

These legislative successes have saved the industry millions of dollars, reduced burdensome regulations, changed laws and helped centers stay afloat. 

The GCCA has been working closely with DECAL during the past legislative session to draft HB350 which calls for fingerprint checks for early education employees. 

HB350 together with thoughtful proposed regulations, will improve child safety and provide licensed child care programs the necessary hiring ability that is needed. 

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