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Tip Top Tidy Services

Tip Top Tidy Services

Lithonia, GA 30088
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Company Overview

A family with multiple children, and loved ones struggling with a way to find a daycare that didn’t carry over the smelly diaper scent to the following day, and simply cared about the cleanliness of their centers, Johnathan K. Mullen one of the owners took interest in understanding why the centers that he found for his 3 children were not taking cleanliness seriously! Serving in the military for 6 years and learning all of his cleaning strategy from his time served, Johnathan understood what spending time in cleaning does for a facility with high traffic. While Mariana Mullen (part-owner & Wife) was taught how to maintain a clean and organized home at the tender age of 9, a form of therapy for her. She helped her Mother with grace in her daycare service daily by simply offering a hand at cleaning & disinfecting. Lowering illnesses from spreading was tied to what Mariana would soon be contributing to Tip Top Tidy Services.

Tip Top Tidy started in April, 2017 with intentions on doing what they knew they were good at and enjoyed doing...cleaning. Starting with residential clients T3 (Tip Top Tidy), would get compliments on how organized and consistent they were in people's homes. From how they kept up with clients preferred supplies to how they managed their teams and communicated effortlessly through it all! They valued cleaning with integrity, it showed in their work. Mid- way through their first quarter they were offered their first commercial client, with hesitation on their residential clientele, they decide to take the proper steps in making the decision to expand and help small business owners just like them from harmful illness that spread from lack of cleaning especially in the Childcare centers , Tip Top’s Niche.

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Tip Top Tidy Services are A+
Mari and her crew have proven to be trustworthy, detail-oriented, and receptive to feedback. We leave the center on Friday confident that when we return on Monday the building will be spotless, smell amazing, and ready to safely welcome the little feet of our clients. TIP: You won’t find a better communicator. Mari is the TOP person to call to TIDY your home or business! (Jaime L. White, BCaBA, Associate Clinical Supervisor and Family Concierge-Elevation Autism and Learning Center)
Johnathon Mullen
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