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Keeping children safe should be one of the first considerations for both parents and providers.  Unfortunately, many parents are not armed with enough information to make informed decisions when placing their most precious "possessions" in the care of others for summer breaks. 

Many parents are under the false assumption that because a "camp" has a business license and work with children, it certainly must meet certain core standards to protect children.  This cannot be further from the truth.

Thousands of camps in our state have applied for an "exemption" to licensing or in other words have asked for various reasons, to be excused from any rules or regulations in place to keep children safe and secure. 

There are still almost 3000 licensed quality centers and programs out there but for many unsuspecting parents, thousands exist with no oversight! 

Summer should be a time of fun and exploration for children.  Make sure you choose wisely. 

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   Parents Please Choose SAFETY! 

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Licensed and Accredited Programs and Camps have the following:

  • Mandatory satisfactory criminal background checks on all employees
  • Lead teacher certifications and minimum age of 18
  • Minimum of 50% of staff certified in CPR/1st aid, all bus drivers and swimming supervisors
  • Mandatory ratios for child and teacher including lower ratios for water safety
  • Oversight inspections from state licensing 2x per year
  • Meals and snacks to meet USDA guidelines
  • Equipment and toys inspected to be clean, safe and free of hazards
  • Transportation procedures that involve checking campers on and off vehicles and mandatory safety restraint systems in accordance with NHSFTA

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