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Why is it important to get “involved”?

Now, more than ever our legislators and regulators need to hear from you. The early education industry is an important part of our state’s economy, with over $4 billion in gross receipts. You are important to our state and it is important to let our leadership know how the economy, regulation or initiatives impact your business.

The ability for our sector to thrive is necessary for businesses to improve the quality of care for our youngest citizens. Centers that struggle to keep their doors open, do not have additional funding to improve quality, recruit and retain the best teachers and make needed repairs and maintenance which can result in unsafe situations and lead to increased regulatory citations.

Not only does what you do impact a parent’s ability to produce income, your work has a direct impact on our state’s future leaders and the future workforce of Georgia.

Few legislators are early educators. They are attorneys, CPA’s, farmers, etc. Bottom line is that they need to hear from you so that you can educate them on our industry and the importance of their decisions around funding and regulations. Providers are on the “front line” and need to educate.

Advocate, Communicate, Educate! ACE!

Legislators need to hear directly from their constituents.

GCCA encourages providers to respectfully contact their legislators on key issues so that we can help you!

Emails, letters and phone calls are excellent means to communicate. All communication must be conducted in a professional manner as you represent the industry.

please consider attending community meetings and hearings so that your voice is heard.

The GCCA daily acts on behalf of all providers in this capacity however it is still imperative that individual centers engage leadership around important issues.

Please review the following attachments as supporting documents to help with individual advocacy around important issues.

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