Staff Morale


By: Susan Testaguzza– LifeCubby

The topic of Staff Morale is near-and-dear to my heart! As an owner of child care centers since 1993 (that’s nearly 25 years!), I have both struggled and triumphed in this department. So, seasoned veteran that I guess I am at this point, I’m happy to share what’s worked for me 🙂

I think for me, the Top of the Ticket has to be the working environment. If your facility is drab, in need of new paint and carpet, with furniture and equipment that should be repaired or replaced, that just brings everyone down. When is the last time you truly examined your facility with a critical eye? Don’t let maintenance slip – it’s really a downer for everyone!

Next, what’s your specialty? Staff need to know that they’re working for a cause that’s bigger than themselves. What makes your program stand apart from other providers in your area? Are you all-organic-food? Do you have a sports emphasis? Are you a faith-based program? Any of these specialties are fine – just decide what yours is, and rock it! Having a specialty is a great way to rally-the-troops and create a cohesive cause!

When is the last time you did a team-building day? At my schools, we always close 2 days per year just for team-building: once in the spring and once in the fall. It’s important for these days to GET AWAY from your school! We’ve visited state parks or local recreation centers and done fun things like horseback riding, cooking class, hiking, and even ziplining! And there’s always a delicious picnic for lunch 🙂 Teambuilding days are amazing boosts to staff morale!

Another aspect that helps with staff morale is that I let our staff work 4-days per week (10-hour shifts). It’s a little tricky to work it out, but if you can I totally recommend you give it a try. We have a formula for working it out, and it requires 5-person teams.

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