Georgia’s new “Hands Free Law” which includes school buses and passenger vans


Under the new “Hands Free Law” that will go into effect in July1, any vehicle used by a CCLC to transport children is considered a school bus. There is NO EXCEPTION for 15 passenger vans under the new law.

Under the new law, school bus and passenger van drivers may NOT use their cell phones while loading or unloading children. To ensure you are in compliance with the new law, once all children have been loaded / unloaded, if there is a question about a child who has not boarded the bus, instruct your drivers to put the bus in park with the door closed before contacting the center. If a school system will not permit this in the loading / unloading zone, then have your driver move the bus to a parking space and then make the call.
Penalties under the new law will result in a fine and automatic points on the driver’s license which could lead to a suspension if the driver accumulates too many points.