Contribute to Change

GCCA established the Early Education Advocacy Fund to proactively address regulatory and legislative initiatives for Georgia’s Early Care and Learning Industry. This fund was born through the desire to see Georgia’s youngest citizens develop a strong early educational foundation allowing them to thrive throughout their lives. Front line advocacy of early care and learning enables our industry to assist centers as they implement strategies to advance a child’s knowledge and educational quality.

You can positively influence legislation and be part of the solution by getting involved and investing in GCCA’s advocacy efforts. Georgia’s legislators will listen to our recommendations for better care, quality, and consistency within early care and learning centers; however, legislators hear our call for action when we come together and speak with one voice.

Ben Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Today, with your investment, you join a community of like-minded business owners willing to fight for Georgia’s children. Your financial investment demonstrates commitment to Georgia’s future. Your investment empowers GCCA to speak in a unified, confident, dynamic voice – a call for action – an opportunity where you receive the best interest with your contribution. Invest in GCCA and be part of a movement investing in early care and learning centers.