Legislative Activity

Legislation At Work

There are times when regulations must be promulgated through legislation. Georgia’s legislative session runs for forty days beginning in January.

GCCA works throughout the session to thwart unnecessary, burdensome new legislation that does not increase safety for children. We run DEFENSE during session for our industry!

DECAL puts forth their legislative agenda at the end of the prior year and GCCA works with DECAL to ensure that the legislation will be easily understood by providers.

To find a past bill, click here and select either SB (Senate Bill) or HB (House Bill) and the bill number to see where it is in the legislative process.

Find Your Elected Official

It is imperative our elected officials hear from those in their districts, “constituents”. Please become part of the process and find your elected state officials. GCCA will often release a CALL TO ACTION to contact your state legislator during session. When they are contacted by their constituent, they LISTEN! Your voice matters.

Find your local legislator