Do Your Parents Know the Value of Your License?

Posted By: Mary Lyons Resources,

Do you have prospects already shopping for summer? 
Do your current parents choose cheaper, unlicensed, or exempt programs for their older children instead of your program? 
How do you help them to understand the value of your license?

We know how tough it is to compete with the unlicensed or exempt programs during the summer as they drain your enrollment, your revenue, and even your staff if you have to reduce hours.  And we know this drains morale as well.  This all negatively impacts your business.

Educate your parents on the difference between your licensed center and the other options they might be considering. Download the attachment to print, post, and hand to current and prospective families as they explore other arrangements for their children that might not be the most safe or appropriate for their children. 

You and your team work too hard to ensure the safety of your children-make sure your parents understand what that means!


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