CAPS – Reimbursement Rates Increase


August 16, 2019         

Re: Increased Pre-school and School Aged Children Rates

Dear CAPS Child Care Provider,

I am writing to inform you of an upcoming change that will positively impact programs that serve pre-school and school aged children. The CAPS Maximum Reimbursement Rate for pre-school and school aged children will increase on September 2, 2019. This rate adjustment will increase access to affordable, high quality care for pre-school and school aged children.

Providers who serve pre-school and school aged children will receive up to an additional $1,040 per child per year, depending on zone, provider type, and age group. Quality Rated providers will receive up to an additional $1,456 per child per year, depending on the previously mentioned factors and their star rating. To learn more about the new rates, visit the CAPS Reimbursement Rates chart or CAPS Funding web page. 

CAPS families with pre-school and school aged children will receive new scholarship certificates in late August. The CAPS assessed family fee is not impacted by these rate changes; however, if your program charges a weekly rate greater than the CAPS maximum reimbursement, the amount you charge the family may be impacted. You may receive a greater amount from CAPS and be able to collect a smaller amount from the family.

  • For example, the current CAPS maximum rate in Atlanta (Zone 1) at a child care learning center for a four year old who receives full-time care is $114. In September this rate will increase to $124. Depending on provider rates and family fee amounts, this could reduce a family’s out of pocket expenses by up to $10 per week.

Thank you again for providing high quality early learning environments for Georgia’s children and their families.


Elisabetta Kasfir

Deputy Commissioner for Federal Programs