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As we all navigate this pandemic and the daily updates and changes, we are sharing great information from our Owners and Directors, Vendor Members, and other experts to help you stay informed to make sound business decisions.  Please find below various links to resources that will help answer some questions or offer tips as we all work to keep our children, staff, families, and communities safe:

COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ's

Answers to Questions About Vaccines in the Workplace

COVID-19 Essential Supplies:

Staples: Staples Letter      Click here for Staples site  Click here for the Staples Flyer

Amazon Business:  Amazon Business

Medisys:  Medisys PPE Product Flyer

GCCA Owner and Director Peer Networking Sessions:

August 4th, 12:00pm:  COVID19 in Your Building

July 23rd, 12:00pm:  Supervised Distance Learning Session II

July 21st, 11:30am: Supervised Distance Learning Session

Mastermind Meeting Topics:

June 24, 2021:  Everything You Wanted to Know About Borrowing Money, But Were Too Afraid to Ask! with Jonathan Lamb of North State Bank: Click here to watch the recording

March 26, 2021:  Employee Retention Credit Breakdown with Alisha Loo of Strickland & Company, P.C.: Click here for the link to ERC Information Use the Passcode: p.ri9gno

March 23, 2021:  How Will the ERC Affect Your Business with Donna Dailey of Solutions 4 Child Care and  Click here for ERC Updates

March 4, 2021:  Growing Your Enrollment in a COVID-19 Era with Donna Dailey of Solutions 4 Child Care: Click here for Growing Your Enrollment

February 25, 2021: Ready to Make Dynamic Changes in 2021? with Bob Kirschner of Early Education Acquisition Specialists: Click here for session 

February 16, 2021:  Let's Reexamine How We Do Business with Kathy Ligon of HINGE Brokers:  Click here for the session

August 13th: CARES Act Update: PPP, Forgiveness, EIDL, Main Street Lending, & Other Funding Options

MARCH 2020-JUNE 2020

March 19th: COVID-19 Impact and Business Discussions: Jump ahead to 11min30sec:  Click here for the COVID-19 Impact and Business Discussions Webinar

March 24th:  Unemployment and Labor Laws and COVID-19:  Jump ahead to 1min40sec: Click here for the Unemployment Webinar

March 26th:  Protecting Your Finances Through COVID-19:  Click here for the Protecting Your Finances Webinar

March 31st, 10am:  Breaking Down the CARES Act: Click Here to View Webinar on Breaking Down the CARES Act

Additional documents and resources:  EIDL flyer  PPP flyer  Law Alert flyer 

Followup on two questions: 

1)     For purposes of calculating “Average Monthly Payroll”, most Applicants will use the average monthly payroll for 2019, excluding costs over $100,000 on an annualized basis for each employee.

2)     Real Estate taxes are not included in the items that can be included in the forgiveness calculation. However, if real estate taxes are paid through a rent obligation, they would be able to be captured for that tenant/borrower.


March 31st, 12:30pm:  Managing Your Finances in Times of Crisis:  Click here for Managing Your Finances Webinar


Apr 2, 2020, 12:00pm: So You Are Closed or Are Closing During the Pandemic-What Do You Need to Know?:  Click here to view So You Are Closed or Are Closing Webinar


April 7, 2020, 12:30pm:  Self-Care and Supporting Staff and Families in Times of Crisis:  Click here to view the Self-Care and Supporting Staff and Families in Times of Crisis Webinar

Additional Resources:

April 8, 2020, 10am:  Operationalizing New CDC Recommendations: Click Here for Operationalizing the CDC Recommendations Meeting

Additional Resources:

April 9, 2020, 12:30pm:  Distance Learning: Click Here to View Distance Learning Webinar 

April 14, 2020, 12:30pm:  Charging Tuition:  Click Here to Watch Mastermind Meeting on Charging Tuition in this Pandemic

April 16, 2020, 12:30pm:  Financial Management Update:  Click here to view Financial Management Update Webinar

April 21, 2020, 12:30pm:  Making Your Big Comeback:  Click Here to View Making Your Big Comeback Meeting

April 30, 2020, 12pm: CARES Act Update, Q & A and Other Financing Options :  Click Here to View CARES Act Update, Q & A and Other Financing Options

May 7, 12pm: Using Amazon Business to Secure Your COVID19 Essential SuppliesClick Here to View the Webinar for Amazon Business Accounts for COVID19 Essential Supplies

May 28, 12pm:  Building Revenue Using Cuties Diapers Program:  Click Here to Watch Meeting on Building Your Revenue with Cuties Diapers

June 2, 12:30pm:  What Happens If COVID-19 Affects Your Center?:  Click Here to View Recording on What Happens If Your Center is Affected by COVID-19?

June 4th, 12pm:  Ask a Lawyer:  Click Here to View Ask a Lawyer Mastermind Meeting

June 11th, 12pm:  All Things COVID19 with GA DPH: Click Here to View Session on All Things COVID19 for Your Center

Licensing and Health:

Click here for the DECAL/DPH Guidelines on COVID19


Labor and Unemployment:

May 22, 2020:  Fisher Phillips Provides Back-to-School Guidance

GCCA's Position:


Position Statement on Childcare Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The mission of The Georgia Child Care Association (GCCA) is to protect Georgia’s children and the businesses that care for them.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread in Georgia, it is important for everyone to take the necessary precautions to help prevent infection and the spread of the virus amid the rapidly changing situations.  GCCA understands the need to observe said precautions as programs care for young children whose families are unable to work from home through the pandemic. Licensed facilities are already poised to support their local communities in providing safe,stimulating environments that young children’s bodies and brains need to develop appropriately.

Licensed childcare programs have employees who are continuously trained in infection control, follow child care health regulations, and practice the following everyday routines:

• use appropriate handwashing and diapering procedures
• take appropriate measures to sanitize and disinfect equipment and the environment
• observe children for symptoms of illness and communicate concerns
• educate children and families on hygiene and illness prevention
• implement more stringent protocols for protection when necessary

Owners and administrators also assess risk in various situations to help them make an informed decision on whether to operate with or without modifications or to close during any crisis.

There are many valid reasons why a child care center may choose to close (community protection and attendance by children and/or staff, among other factors). There are also many valid reasons why a child care center may choose to continue operating (continuity of safe care for children and community need for essential workers, among other factors).

GCCA strongly supports the businesses who have made informed decisions to close their programs based on their community and its needs. 

GCCA also strongly supports the businesses who have made informed decisions to continue operating based on their community and its needs.

GCCA recommends that all programs closely monitor the reports and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Public Health (DPH), and their local public health organizations to ensure they continue to make informed decisions.


Click Here to Print Position Statement