GA Gives on Giving Tuesday

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Did you know that almost half a million Georgia parents rely on child care providers for their children’s first learning experiences…and those providers are paid barely more than $10 per hour?

By age three, a child’s brain has reached eighty percent of its adult volume, and synapses are formed at a faster rate during these crucial years than at any other time.  High quality learning environments provide experiences and opportunities for children to thrive and to build a strong learning foundation.  Responsible for these classrooms are dedicated and trained teachers who understand their children and their development to plan and implement activities based on the child’s needs.  Georgia has over 3,800 licensed providers that have a capacity to serve well over 354,000 young children as their families work and/or prepare them with a solid foundation in learning.  

The Early Education Development Alliance (EEDA), the philanthropic arm of the Georgia Child Care Association, provides training and support for teachers and administrators. These trainings are based on the latest research, are relevant to current challenges, and are suffused with effective practices.  Georgia’s future deserves no less as children establish strong literacy, S.T.E.A.M., and social emotional skills.  Unfortunately, many centers in economically challenged areas are also financially strained. The average pay of an early childhood teacher is $10.47/hour, which is 12% below the national average. This makes it very difficult to obtain meaningful training for these teachers.  In order to support Georgia’s children, we must also support their teachers and centers to enhance quality.

EEDA has a vision to spark lifelong learning.  We know that every child deserves a solid foundation that begins with a high-quality early learning experience.  We know that every dedicated teacher can use additional training and support to help build that foundation.  And we know that EEDA can provide tools and resources for teachers to create environments that ensure success for every child.  

Your donation will help to secure training opportunities for teachers at minimal cost.  Trainings and resources in areas such as social-emotional support, mindfulness, and positive behavior strategies are our priorities for 2020.  Please give to EEDA  to help kids win!