Licensed vs Unlicensed Summer Camps

We know you know the difference between your program and unlicensed summer camps or care - but do your parents? them be better informed with some questions they need to consider for their child's safety.

GCCA has drafted a few documents to help you help your parents!

First, you can customize this Backpack Letter with your school information and print on your letterhead and send this home with ALL children as families finalize their summer plans (click on the document to download):


Second, you can share this document with questions parent should be asking to ensure their children remain safe, wherever they choose (click on the document to download):


Third, you can print, post, and share on social media the following chart that outlines some key ways you differ from unlicensed care that can affect the safety and wellbeing of any child (click on the document to download):

Finally, you can share news stories on your social media or in parent communications that highlight the difference in licensed/unlicensed care.  Share widely and ask your parents to do the same. Our children deserve it!