Research the Facts on the COVID19 Vaccine

Posted By: Mary Lyons Resources,
"I will get sick if I take the vaccine."
"The government will insert a chip into my arm."
"The vaccine was rushed and is not safe."

If you have coworkers or family who are skeptical of taking the COVID vaccine, help educate them on the facts so that they may make an informed decision.

Tyler Perry hosts a special with two Emory doctors to answer his questions on the vaccine at

Emory Dr. Kimberly Manning breaks down the science of this vaccine in simpler terms at

The Georgia Department of Public Health is sharing this video to help provide facts at

The Mayo Clinic addresses some common myths with facts to help understand more about the vaccines at

The Black Coalition Against COVID has a short public service announcement called A Love Letter to the Black Community and a webinar called Making it Plain a Conversation with Dr. Fauci.

AARP shares more common myths circulating and breaks down the facts here:

National Urban League has a town hall in collaboration with the Black Coalition Against COVID: Making It Plain – A Town Hall on Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

We will continue to provide resources to help share the facts about the vaccines available.  Education will be key to helping many overcome the fears brought on by disinformation, misunderstandings, and myths.