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Cutie's diapers have become a sensation. It is so easy to order and so convenient to have diapers and pull-ups at our center instead of reminding parents to bring diapers to school. Cutie's are reliable, hypoallergenic, and very convenient. Our parents love not having to worry about bringing diapers or wipes to school. -Tori McGuyer, Bells Ferry Learning Center

I learned about the Cuties program at the NAEYC Conference. I felt that I could further assist my families by providing all the diapers and wipes at Kids World Learning Center. This program has enhanced our program and adds value to what parents receive on a daily basis. Parents have been so grateful for not having to furnish a separate stock of diapers and wipes from their home supply. It is convenient for parents and allows our teachers to focus on what’s truly important, the children. -Michelle Smith Lank, Kid's World Learning Center

Our partnership with Cuties has been the added touch that we needed to help our program stand out. Providing diapers, pull ups and wipes for parents and caregivers helps families concentrate on daily activities and prevents us from "nagging" parents to bring in diapers constantly. Jennifer and the staff at Cuties is always responsive and provides excellent follow through after the sale, which is incredibly important to me. The choice is clear for us: a top quality product with excellent customer service! -Wande Okunoren-Meadows, Little Ones Learning Center

The Sunshine House has partnered with First Quality, Cuties Care program for the last five years. We began this partnership with Cuties Care to provide diapers, pull-ups and wipes for our infant and toddler families throughout our 100 locations in the United States. Our families were so excited about having this available to them, they no longer needed to remember diapers and wipes for their children in today’s busy world. I would recommend the Cuties Care program to any businesses. -Kathy Hagen, The Sunshine House
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