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Phoenix Associates has insured my small business (child care centers) for several years. In addition to my business policies, they also manage our employee group health plan. I can't say enough about this agency and all of the people I have worked with there. Donna, LaToya, Sarah - top notch professionals. They always have my best interests in mind and they look out for my business as well. They work diligently to get me the best coverage for the best rates available. Love this team and would highly recommend them to anyone. -Sharon Foster | Bells Ferry Learning Center

Our child care center has been with Phoenix Associates for over 10 years. They have helped us navigate all the insurance complexities that come with owning a child care business (liability, student accident insurance, workers comp, etc.). They are customer-minded, helping us to find great rates as well as insurance companies that support our goals. Donna Marcus especially has been a huge help to us over the years. We highly recommend Phoenix Associates. -Lynn McKinnon | Foundations for the Future
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