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Rex Childcare joined Strawn Insurance at a time we had many insurance problems. They took time to get us the best coverage and still do today. The timely and friendly way John and staff respond to our requests is first class. My staff and I feel very comfortable with them. Also the news letters we get from them greatly educate us on several safety issues and insurance. They have proven to meet and exceed our expectations and we will recommend them to anyone. -Adaeze Ngoddy, President Rex Childcare and Early Learning Center

We thank John Wadsworth and Strawn & Co., Insurance for the great services that they have provided to Wee Care Academy. Their commitment to answering our questions and working with us as we provide great care for our children and parents is greatly appreciated. Helping us obtain the right coverage for our business is essential to our success. Again, we appreciate the specialized care they provide to us. -Pearline Cole, Owner Wee Care Academy
John Wadsworth
John Wadsworth Certified School Risk Manager, Certified Insurance Counselor President
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