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ChildCare Education Institute

ChildCare Education Institute

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I liked the feedback provided by the ChildCare Education Institute instructor. It was good to know that what I wrote was actually being read and asked to redo when my work was sloppy and not up to par. -Ifie Omiela | First Step Learning Center

As assigned online administrator of the CCEI system, I am able to closely monitor the progress and work completed for each and every team member. With the knowledge most appropriate to the teacher’s designated age group, its specific challenges and with great accuracy, I am now able to deliberately and carefully plan professional development at this very high level. I am confident that this new system for the staff will considerably improve the outcomes and delivery of the Children’s Academy of Northlake program. -Laura Newman, Director of Education and Curriculum | Children's Academy of Northlake

I had a great experience with CCEI. The course I had taken was online self-study CDA certification program. It was a great course and I learned a lot from it. The course had provided lot of information that I could apply while I am working with young children. My coach was very helpful, gave me suggestions, and answered my questions promptly. I was totally satisfied with my studies and will recommend this course to others. I am looking forward to other online courses through CCEI. -Sreedevie Ranjit | Suwanee, GA

At Childcare Network, our teachers love the convenience that CCEI’s online training provides. Due to the added convenience, many of our teachers are choosing to complete additional modules well beyond the minimum required hours. As a result, they are expanding their understanding of child development and bringing this new knowledge to our classrooms every day. - President | Childcare Network

As a brand new daycare director, CCEI has helped me feel more prepared for the task and better able to look objectively at situations that I am approached with on a daily basis! - Director | West Point, UT
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