New Pre-K Audit Issue – What’s Really Required?


New Georgia Pre-K Audit Issue:

Going through a Georgia Pre-K audit? Several GCCA members have raised issues regarding findings issued on Ear, Eye and Dental (EED) records (Georgia Department of Public Health Form 3300). The general understanding amongst providers is as long as one EED record was obtained when the child was enrolled, the provider has sufficiently met Georgia Pre-K’s requirements. However, many auditors issue findings against providers for having expired EED records, if the record is over 12 months old. This 12 month requirement is not included in the Pre-K guidance.

GCCA has raised this issue with DECAL Deputy Commissioner Susan Adams, and she is going to investigate the inconsistency and report back to GCCA so providers understand what is expected of them.

Stay tuned for more information and clarification on this issue.

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