Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Reverses Position


Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams met with members from GCCA following her position statement at GCCA’s spring conference that Georgia Pre-K should be served solely by public schools. After listening to providers and getting a better understanding of the issue, Abrams has reversed her position and now supports keeping Georgia Pre-K in the private sector as well as in public schools.

During the meeting, Abrams expressed her concern that when some state programs are privatized, they do not receive the full funding they should and, in her opinion, would if they remain in the public sector. While we would certainly agree that Georgia Pre-K is not fully funded to cover all administrative costs of the program, Georgia Pre-K has a 25 year history of being well funded in both the private and public early childhood learning environments. GCCA appreciates Abrams willingness to listen to providers concerns and adjust her policies after learning new information.

While GCCA does not endorse any candidate, it is our job to work with all of the candidates for governor to learn their position on issues affecting our industry and to educate them about policies that support children’s access to affordable, quality early childhood education.

Click here to read Abrams letter to GCCA affirming her commitment to keep Georgia Pre-K in the private sector.